Issuance of the Administrative Judiciary Law in Jordan.

The Royal Decree has been issued to approve the issuance of the Administrative Judiciary Law No. 27 of  2014.  

The provisions of this law created an administrative judiciary which changed the appeal process in relation to administrative decisions. Parties to a claim are now able to appeal on a first level at the Administrative Court and on a second level at the Supreme Administrative Court as opposed appealing at only one level.  

Accordingly, all cases  viewed before the High Court of Justice shall be transferred to the Administrative Court to proceed with viewing the same from the point they have reached. 

According to the Law of Administrative Judiciary, the Administrative Court’s  jurisdiction would include all appeals related to administrative decisions. Final decisions to be issued by the Administrative Court  would be subject to appeal before  the Supreme Administrative Court.

It is worth mentioning that the decisions issued by the Trademarks Office and Patents Office are considered administrative decisions that are subject to appeal before the new established “Administrative Court”.  

According to the new  Law  provisions, the legal period to appeal the administrative decisions is 60 days as of the day of issuance of the appealed decision.



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